Client Testimonies

“One of the things we really appreciated about Dave was his integrity and honesty. We felt that he was always looking out for our best interests; not just the sale of the house but making sure we were taken care of, got the price we wanted and negotiated well. We always felt that we could trust Dave no matter what- and that means a lot to us. We also appreciated the way he was very thorough and very efficient with all the details. We didn’t have to worry about everything that needed to be taken care of because we knew he was on it!”
– Mark and Debbie C.

“I know many agents but you really impressed me with the quality of service you offer.  I know who I would call if we were to list our home.”
– HJ, Home Inspector

“Dave was great, he had Lisa come and stage the property so it looked fabulous and showed well and as a result it sold very, very quickly. Dave was very thorough and easy to get a hold of– I don’t think I ever had to leave a message for him! We would definitely use him again!”
– Bill and Jennifer V.

“We were thoroughly please with both Dave’s service and Lisa’s staging. My daughter and I felt very comfortable with Dave. He did such a great job for us that we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is buyer or selling a home.“
– Anette H.

“We used Dave Sachleben to purchase our first home which was a considerably good experience. With his accounting background and sound advice, we were confident that he found us a property that we could afford. In fact we ended up with a much nicer place than we thought we could get. With Lisa’s staging expertise and Dave’s marketing and internet expertise, he sold our house in a slow market in only 5 weeks!”
– Dean and Ana K.

“This is the second house that Dave has helped us with and we were very pleased with his service. He gave us a significant amount of help and attention. The circumstances of the sale required a lot of extra work which he was happy to do for us. We highly recommend Dave to all our friends.”
– Mike and Nicky K.

“The neighborhood real estate ‘experts’ told us the value of our property was 320‐350K but we were able to sell the home for 470k in 17 days with the Key Home Team. I am glad I used the Pricing Experts instead!”
– Pete R.

“I really appreciated what Dave did for me, he did a great job and I am very happy with my house. It was a long process helping me qualify for a loan and getting to the place where I could buy a house. Both he and his lender worked hard and took good care of me.”
– Geraldo V.

“Dave got me a really good deal on my house; he listened to what I was looking for, unlike several other realtors I had been through. He sent me e-mails with properties that fit my parameters and found exactly what I wanted. He took care of all the business, details and paperwork. When we went to closing everything went smoothly. I am very happy with his service and the house I got.”
– Ira K.

“Your stagers did a fantastic job tweaking our home so buyers could see its true potential. After they finished, we didn’t want to move! …..and it sold in only 24 days!”
– Pam R.

“We had great counsel from an awesome real estate broker, who helped us to wait for the best possible scenario when we just wanted to dump the house and sacrifice our credit… you know, sometimes ya just have to play in the mud, but God saved us from much time in the mud at the end of the day.  If you need a broker who knows what’s going on in the economy and can really tell you the facts and many options out there, best/worst scenarios, and has all kinds of creative tools for marketing your house.”
–  Laura and Bill B.