For More Money...Less Time...Fewer Hassles

For More Money…Less Time…Fewer Hassles

Excellence, Expertise and Experience – The Tiger Realty Services Difference

Our clients are people like you who want superior service when it comes to selling their home. We understand that your home may be your greatest and most important asset and we take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously.

The Consultants at Tiger Realty Services has helped many people sell their homes in the Denver metro area and we take pride in raising the bar in all of the following areas:

State-of-the-Art Marketing:
Did you know that 84% of today’s buyers are searching the Internet for a home often before they have even talk to a real estate agent? And 34% of homes sold were actually found by buyers searching the Internet. To capitalize on this, we create a dedicated web site for your unique property which showcases its best features through text, pictures, virtual tours, and video. We aggressively market your home not only to local buyers but throughout the world as well. We insure maximum visibility by listing your property in the top 5 home marketing web sites, the National Listing Service (NLS) and hundreds if not thousands more.

  • State of the Art Marketing – To give you every competitive advantage.
  • Aggressive marketing techniques – To capitalize on the internet and market to other agents who have buyers in your market.
  • Dedicated Web site for your unique property – For maximum visibility.
  • Virtual tour, video and text – To showcase your homes best features.


Professional Staging:
Remember Cinderella? She didn’t show up at the ball and wow all those potential suitors until her fairy godmother waved the magic wand over her. In the same way, our skillful team of stagers will work their magic to make sure your home is the belle of the ball! We make the most of those critical first impressions by staging your home to outshine the competition. With full consideration of your goals, budget and time restraints, our stagers will help you come up with a plan of action to market your home effectively and prioritize the changes that will be have the greatest impact on potential buyers.

  • Professional Staging – To make sure your home outshines the competition.

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Marketing to other agents:
Since 33% of home purchased were found by realtors, we make sure the word gets out by actively and strategically marketing to other top agents.

Correctly pricing your home is one of the most important aspects of our service.. pricing too low will result in money left on the table; pricing too high will mean few showings and little chance of offers. We employ state-of-the-art Comparative Market Analysis tools to make sure we find the “sweet spot” to price your unique property. We stay on top of the market by daily monitoring the properties competing with yours. We track daily changes in the market and keep you informed as well.

  • State of the art Comparative Market Analysis tools – To price your home exactly right. We also monitor competing properties daily for necessary adjustments.

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Because we believe that you as the homeowner are an essential part of the selling team we make ourselves easily accessible to you and stay in regular contact. We give you direct access by email and cell phone and answer any questions or concerns that you have. We also keep you posted on what we are doing each week to sell your home.

  • Communication, accessibility and availability – Because we believe YOU are the most important member of our selling team.


Team Approach:
Our unique approach to the team concept utilizes the mastermind paradigm. By capitalizing on the strengths, expertise and resources of each individual team member, we ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. You will be served primarily by one designated broker but you have the support of the entire team working on your behalf.

We invest heavily in continuing education to keep abreast of the constant changes in real estate rules and procedures. We are experts in marketing, negotiating, processing legal documents and navigating the complex selling and closing process. We walk you through it every step of the way to give you peace of mind and to protect your interests and investment.

We operate under a strict Code of Ethics enforced by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS assuring you of the most competent, professional and ethical performance available.

  • Peace of Mind – We have the knowledge, education and expertise to help you confidently navigate the complex buying/selling and closing process.


We pledge to serve you with excellence, integrity, and respect!