Small Investments Bring the Biggest Returns When Selling a Home

Staging is one of Tiger Realty’s most powerful marketing tools and a value add service included in our listing package!

Often as soon as a person decides to put their home on the market, panic sets in as they begin contemplating all the projects and upgrades that could maximize the value of their home. Without professional advice, sellers can waste a lot of time, money and energy doing things like repainting all the walls stark refrigerator white or sinking thousands of dollars into unnecessary remodeling projects. Without direction, two things generally happen: either they don’t do enough and are not able to sell their house for it’s true worth or they do too much and are not able to recoup their home improvement investment. At Key Home Team we save sellers a tremendous amount of frustration by providing the services of a professional stager who will help them prioritize changes that will be most impactful to potential buyers.


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Remodeling projects can add value to a home and help it sell faster but dollar for dollar, simple cosmetic changes—especially staging—will insure that the seller gets the biggest bang for their buck. The general rule of thumb for most major remodels is about 50%. A basement might get 70 and a kitchen as high as 90 %. Below are four things that combined, can give you over 500% return on investment!

  • Lighten and Brighten: One of the simplest and most dynamic ways to improve a home is to lighten and brighten- that can be as inexpensive as replacing burnt out bulbs, using higher wattage ones and cleaning windows and light fixtures. Small investment = BIG return!
  • Cleaning and de-cluttering: What does a used car dealer do before they sell a car? They have it detailed. They remove all the imprints of the previous owner so it looks like new. No one’s going to buy a car with cigarettes in the ash tray, sticky soda spills, and a hula girl on the dash board. The same goes for a house: it’s crucial to get it looking as pristine as possible. When all the extra furniture, personal photos, knick knacks and refrigerator magnets disappear- prospective buyers will actually be able to focus on the house and picture their own furnishings in the space. Small investment = BIG return!


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  • Repairs: Because the market is so saturated with houses, today’s buyer can afford to be choosy; they want homes that are move-in ready. They don’t want to face the prospect of re-caulking bathtubs and peeling off dated wallpaper. If those issues aren’t addressed, not only will buyers wonder what hidden things have not been taken care of but will automatically deduct repair costs of the things they do see at grossly inflated rates. Why not just take care of these things up front and make a great first impression? Small investment = Big return!
  • Staging:

The art of Staging, which is much more than simply de-cluttering, takes the home prep process to a whole new level. Staging is a tried and true service that increases a home’s marketability by enhancing its visual and emotional appeal. Effective staging can actually add as much perceived value as a mountain view or a three car garage. By using what you already have and bringing in some enhancement pieces if necessary, the stagers at Key Home Team will totally transform your property to present like a model home. * Small investment = Big return!

Professional advice is invaluable to maximize the homeowner’s resources and steer them away from projects that are simply not necessary to get the home sold quickly and for top dollar. Major remodeling projects may be a great investment if the homeowner plans to live in the house and enjoy it for a few years but when moving; consider the options, weigh the cost of any upgrade against the ultimate benefit and only spend money on those changes that will improve your profit margin. Cosmetic enhancements, along with staging, have the greatest visual impact and will make your investment dollars go the farthest towards setting your property above the competition. Remember, when selling a house, it’s the little things that really count!

  • * Staging Consultation for owner occupied homes is included in the basic listing plan.


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